What is CEO coaching like? You are playing with the idea to look for a CEO coach since you have been been in this position?

Successful CEO coaching is driven primarily by a leader’s partnership with their stakeholders and their ability to obtain feedback, evaluate it, and act upon it.

We see the executive coach as a catalyst for change, not as the driver.

rd&partners’ executive coaching process is based on the following:

  • Keeping it simple and focused
  • Supporting the CEO in sharing goals with their key stakeholders and fostering greater accountability
  • Asking stakeholders for feedback that will help the CEO to focus on change for the future rather than shortcomings in the past
  • Encouraging the CEO to adopt new behaviors and follow up with stakeholders in order to make sure the new behaviors are noticed and adapted as needed
  • Measuring results through interaction with those affected, not according to the CEO/leader or the coach.

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