Towards WE & BEYOND – Impressions from a shared journey Part X


Information overload … attention request overload … choice overload … opportunity and possibility overload …just … Overload !!!

We stumbled across this topic when Bettina confessed to not having worked on our Blog as originally discussed.  Ah yes, we all have so much to do….  Though no, it seems even worse!  There are so many things we WANT to do!

How to choose, how to prioritise?

Do you have times where you just feel overwhelmed and overloaded:  I would like to write this blog – I would also like to develop the slides for my next teaching session, I definitely would like to work on the presentation for the workshop next week, I would like to cook for my friends, play with my kids, and I would love to go for a walk!  Of course I also HAVE to do most of these things, but the point is, I really…

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